Taking your Child to the Dentist

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When it comes to your child’s oral health, it is important to have a successful back-to-school dental check up at the pediatric dentist Washington DC. It is important for your child to have regular dental visits especially to help fight the most common chronic disease found in school-age children which is cavities. It is important to always plan ahead when it comes to booking your child’s dentist appointments especially before school is about to start. Normally for a dentist like the pediatric dentist Washington DC, her busiest time would be in August. It is important to encourage age-appropriate dental habits at home like making them brush their teeth on their own, encourage healthy brushing and flossing habits and always be sure that your child is brushing their teeth on their own. Timing is everything when it comes to your child’s dental appointment. By this we mean that make sure your child of any age who’s used to a nap to not schedule the appointment during naptime. One thing to not do is to cram in the dentist appointment after camp or a day at school since they will too tired out and just want to nap. Make one child a model is important if you want the best health for you child. By this it is said that if your older child goes before your little one, then they’ll be more calm since they see the end result of the first child’s appointment.

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Bringing your child to the dentist requires some serious planning such as making sure your child is fed a light meal before the appointment and if they eat a lot they will feel uneasy at the dentist. Don’t show your child that you are anxious since they will feel the same way and the appointment will not run smoothly. If your child doesn’t seem to want to cooperate, don’t worry about it, stay calm and they will eventually calm down and get through the visit. It is important that before leaving the dentist office taking a few extra cards with you to leave with the school file or a coach in case of a dental emergency.

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