Weight loss myths debunked – this is why you can’t lose that fat

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Weight loss is one of the most talked about subjects, which also means it’s surrounded in myths. You might know that carbs are not the main culprit of gaining weight and that there are no miracle diets out there, but there are plenty of other myths still popular.

Don’t weight yourself daily

Weight fluctuates from one day to another, so there is a strong base for this myth. However, only part of it is true: weighting yourself during a diet is OK, as long as it’s not daily. When you are monitoring your weight you do want to know your status, so weighting yourself once a week can actually motivate you and show you how well you did for this week. You do need to consider there are ups and downs and your weight reflects more than fat, as human body is made of a lot of water. The take away is you can weight yourself frequently, but not daily.


It doesn’t matter how much you eat, as long as it’s healthy food

Processed foods do have more calories, but this doesn’t mean you can eat as much nuts you can get your hands on, just because they are healthy. The key of weight loss is moderation and balance, so make sure you are eating small portions and you do count your calories. To help you lose weight you can buy Orlistat online and exercise, along with your healthy diet. This will boost your metabolism and increase the amount of fat your body burns on daily basis.

If you exercise, you can eat anything

Exercising is not a magic weapon, so if you start working out you still need to count your calories and keep the portions small. When you exercise you burn calories and your body needs to refuel. If you are not careful, you will eat more calories than usual, thus, making the exercises useless. In order to lose weight you need to eat less calories than you burn, so stay on your healthy diet after going to the gym.

Quick to lose is not quick to gain

When you lose fat quickly there are some health risks you need to know about, like ending up with anemia or suffering from nausea. On the bright side, you become more motivated to keep going. The trouble is most diets which promote quick weight loss are not feasible for a long time diet. This is where you need to balance things out: you can start with a speedy diet to motivate you, then keep up a healthy lifestyle and a moderate/slow weight loss diet in order to continue to lose the extra weight. One must not that if you keep a speedy diet and lose weight, then return to your usual diet, you will gain more weight.

You need to ditch carbs and fats

A healthy person needs carbs and fats, just like he needs proteins and fibers, so ditching these from your diet is not going to help you. In fact, giving up completely on a food group can make you gain more weight, as the body is going to enter an emergency mode and start “saving” for bad days.

Again, moderation is the key. Exercise, eat healthy, keep your portion size under control and make sure your diet is varied, because this is what will make you lose fat.

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