List of Popular and Effective Anabolic Steroids Every Athlete Needs To Know About

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To attain the desired athletic goal, there are specific kinds of anabolic steroids in the market. You can find them in different categories and objectives. As opposed to these useful steroids, there are also some types of steroids that only produce an adverse impact on the health of the person.

Many of the athletes have strictly prohibited their consumption and even advise people not to consume them. To give you a clarity of which anabolic steroids are useful for your body and carry a positive recommendation, we have compiled a list. Hope this list of useful steroids will prove useful to you and contributes towards accomplishing your goal.

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Anabolic Steroids with their function

Anabolic steroids offer a plethora of uses to the person who consumes them. You can see the full list here.

  • Anadrol – This steroid is available in tablets and pills. It is mainly used for bulking.
  • Anavar – This steroid is made for the use of women athletes to get lean muscle and cutting
  • Clenbuterol – This steroid helps in reducing weight, fat burn and cutting
  • Clomid – This steroid is an ideal choice for post cycle therapy
  • Cytomel – This steroid is effective in fat loss and cutting
  • Deca Durabolin – This steroid produces significant impact in areas such as bulking and cutting
  • Dianabol – This is the right steroid for bulking
  • Equipoise – If a person wishes to increase their performance in terms of speed and strength, then this steroid will prove to be useful
  • Halotestin – For enhancing strength and aggression, one should opt for this steroid
  • Human Growth Hormone – To cater to any deficiencies in growth hormone in the body or to use for bulking and muscle growth, this steroid is recommended
  • Insulin – This steroid enhances performance by promoting better endurance and muscle production
  • Lasix – People who are looking for a steroid for trimming, to lower water retention and swelling, should consume this steroid
  • Methyltestosterone – As the name suggests, this steroid is for oral consumption and helps in maintaining right levels of testosterone hormone in the body. This helps in increasing vitality, strength and muscle size in a person
  • Nolvadex – This steroid is effective for reduction of cholesterol and short term maintenance
  • Omnadren – This steroid helps in gaining muscle mass during the offseason and cutting
  • Primobolan – This steroid helps in high nitrogen retention, cutting and developing lean muscle
  • Sustanon – This steroid is recommended for people with low intake needs, development of lean muscle and cutting
  • Cypionate – This steroid is advisable for those who are wishing for testosterone replacement
  • Enanthate – This steroid is effective in alternative testosterone replacement
  • Propionate – This steroid has increased purity and serves as an alternative testosterone replacement
  • Testosterone Suspension – This steroid has super increased purity and aids in alternative testosterone replacement
  • Testosterone – This steroid maintains the right levels of the” testosterone” hormone, which is the primary male growth hormone. Its action helps in developing muscle strength and size
  • Trenbolone – This steroid leads to powerful strength and size in a person
  • Winstrol – It is the most preferred steroid that helps in increasing strength and muscle size, and also used for cutting.

In addition to consuming anabolic steroids, getting a strong personality like a body builder or an athlete requires patience, consistency and dedication.

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