Top Halal Foods best served via delivery

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When we say halal, it means the food is permitted or lawfully cooked according to Sharia or Islamic laws. While dining out, the key factor for observant Muslims besides the meal being pork-less and pork-less products, is halal meat or meat from animals killed according to religiously stated procedures.

The halal food industry has already reached globally because of the diverse Muslim population in in the globe. You can even find a lot of halal restaurants in the USA. In Singapore alone, there are already a lot of dreamy options of halal food delivery service right at your doorstep with the help of food delivery companies being put up across the country. Below are some of these top halal foods that you might find:


  • Goat Curry – This is a great meal if you want a taste of Burmese goat curry without having to taste any tempered spices or mustard oil. Goat curry ideally does not have Scotch bonnet peppers and sweet allspice as well nor is it a mixture of Thai and Indian flavors and techniques. Do not expect any lemon grass, coconut milk, ginger, onion, and toasted spices because Goat curry recipe is believed to be a humble recipe served only with naan, rice, and crunchy cabbage salad. It is accompanied with a tasty gravy and curry leaves and fresh ginger. It is a bit spicy as well but is made not too challenging should you have low tolerance on spicy taste.
  • Manto – Manto or meat dumplings is also a great grub that you can enjoy wherever you may be. It is generously stuffed with herbed ground beef and topped with a tomato-tinged ragu, creamy yogurt sauce, sautéed vegetables, and a sprinkle of herbs and spices.
  • Hummus bi Tahina – This halal food is basically composed of just six ingredients namely chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and salt, and garlic. However, expect various version of this recipe between regions, restaurants, and households because of different applied rations with different pureeing techniques as well. This recipe can be cooked smooth, loaded with tahini, and garnished with chopped parsley, olive oil, paprika, and whole soft chickpeas melted inside your mouth.
  • Laghman – This is a Uyghur-style hand-pulled noodle recipe. In this grub, noodles are long, slippery, and springy which can either gross you out or awaken your curiosity. You may have to use a pair of scissors to pull the noodles, otherwise plainly using chopsticks might spoil your appetite. Laghman is best paired with sauces like stir-fried lamb and vegetable sauce.
  • KottuRotti – This is a popular halal food from Sri Lanka which is made of chopped rotti with a serving of fish, beef, chicken, mutton, or an amalgam of vegetables and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, you may just instruct the restaurant to make balls of dough into disks, sear them on a flat-top griddle until they blister and puff up, and roll each into a cylinder to cut into ribbons. Vegetables and eggs are also sauted and mixed with the rotti. This grub is like a fried rice recipe.
  • Turkish donerkebap – This recipe is common in Europe but is hardly recognized in the United States that is why restaurants that serve Turkish donerkebap in the big continent rather name it Arabic showarma to make it sound appealing. The cook of this halal food should make doner using an amalgam of hand-cut slabs and beef and lamb. Meat is best spiced in a very lightly and judiciously manner. The doner may also be made as a wrap or a plate and then accompanied with tzatziki sauce.

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