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Milk thistle help protect the liver in many number of ways according to scientific studies. Milk thistle is a natural herb which is used in detoxifying to help clears toxins from liver and kidneys. The dosage of milk thistle varies according to particular treatments. The extract of milk thistle is obtained from hard fruit achenes from the plant of Silybum marinium. Milk thistle has got lot of medicinal value and is used in the form of medicine from many years.


Supplements of Milk thistle can be taken along with other supplements or alone in the form of pills or powders. Main purpose of milk thistle supplements is to support health of the liver which is affected by toxins and alcohol. The supplements regenerate liver cells and thus maintain good body health. Milk thistle supplements are also used in the form of pills and are consumed widely by people to cure hangovers which are caused due to excessive alcohol consumption. Along with this, the supplement Silybum from milk thistle is loaded with added benefits for the people who are suffering with diabetes, allergies and individuals who are trying to reduce cholesterol levels.

Dosages of Milk thistle

  • When used to treat allergies, up to 140 mg is recommended which is in taken three times during day.
  • People who are suffering from allergies are benefitted with milk thistle supplements when used along with medication.
  • Treatment of osteo arthritis includes medication up to eight weeks.
  • Milk thistle supplements can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetes prone patients when combined with medication.
  • The supplements also reduce bad cholesterol and tri- glycerides.
  • Milk herbs are also used in various treatments and most of them mainly focus on detoxifying liver, kidneys and gall bladder.

Dosages of milk thistle on liver health

  • Silymarin, a flavonoid complex which is present in milk thistle protects the liver from toxins.
  • Supplements of milk thistle extracts and its flavonoid sylimarin provide innumerable effects to promote liver health and flush out chemicals.
  • People with hepatitis and liver damage should consume 160- 800 mgs of supplements, thrice a day up to three weeks.
  • For chronic liver disease 160 – 480 mgs of silymarin flavonoid extracted from milk thistle herb has to be taken thrice a day up to a year or till complete recovery.

When milk thistle dosages are combined with other supplements, the dosage levels are as follows-

  • The supplements of milk thistle are available in the form of both pills and powders.
  • The milk thistle supplements are not recommended for kids and young mothers who are breast feeding their new born babies.
  • When used to treat heart burn along with prescribed medicines, supplements should be consumed up to four weeks.
  • Milk thistle products support liver regeneration and provide protection from toxins.
  • Women who are facing menopause symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes get benefitted from these milk thistle supplements with dosage ranging between 50 mg to 60 mg.

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